First Friday: Photography by Marcel Huijser

Marcel Huijser is a nature, wildlife and landscape photographer based in Missoula, Montana. He spends a lot of time outdoors in western Montana, but also travel throughout the world, including his native country The Netherlands.

Marcel’s bio:

My photo passion is to make beautiful, creative landscape and wildlife images. I strive for simplicity in my photographs; including blurred or even-colored backgrounds that make the main topic stand out. Snow, for example, provides an excellent opportunity for this type of photography. When photographing the animals in their larger surroundings it illustrates the vastness and enormity of the winter landscape in which these animals survive. I also like to experiment with slow shutter speeds, deliberate camera movement, and multiple exposures. With such techniques I can create images that you cannot observe through your eyes alone, including impressionistic landscapes and wildlife images with a sense of suspense.

While photography is my passion, I am a wildlife biologist who specializes in the field of road ecology. I work to make highways safer for wildlife and people. I make images that show the impacts of roads and traffic on wildlife, but I also highlight solutions that help improve human safety, reduce the number of animals killed by traffic, and provide safe crossing opportunities for wildlife.

More of Marcel’s photography can be found HERE!

Marcel’s show will be displayed for during March and April 2019.