Frukt Stereo Cider Tasting

We’re stoked to welcome FRUKTSTEREO of Malm√∂, Sweden to the Montana cider scene! Join Martha Pundsack of Bent Frenchman Selections and our resident cider nerd, Elizabeth Hunter for a casual tasting of 3 Frukt Stereo Ciders to make way to Missoula!
No reservations required.

$10 for all 3
We’ll pour til we run out of the goods!
*Select bottles may be available for purchase. Inquire at event.

FRUKT STEREO produces cider with indigenous yeasts and no additives. Besides apples, these ciders are produced with other fruits like pears, berries and even quince coming from private gardens and foraged, abandoned orchards. These are not your every day libations. As they note, “When we began to export and tell the story of our product, we came to an understanding that we’ve stretched the quintessential definition of a “cider”, that possibly we have to define ourselves in a different category that stretches across boxes and borders as our products do.”

Interested? Good!

Check these cool dudes out and their story here:

See you at the shop on Wednesday, February 27th!