Wine Tasting: Glacial Lake Missoula & the Wines of the Pacific NW

Did you know that Glacial Lake Missoula assisted in creating the varied soil types and unique landscapes that make up many of the vineyards of the North West? It’s true! During the last ice age, between 15,000 and 13,000 years ago, the ice dam would periodically collapse, causing the lake to flood the Clark Fork and Columbia Valley Rivers and bringing with it lake-bottom sediments. These catastrophic floods caused all sorts of erosion, soil diversion and a shift in landscape. It is believed that the floods highly influenced the agriculture of Willamette and Columbia Valleys today. No wonder we love wines from these incredibly wonderful growing areas!

We’re thrilled to welcome Austin Allen, soil conservationist and fellow wine enthusiast to the shop for an evening of tasting, discussion and soil science! Austin will help us to better understand what makes these soils unique!

Join us!

Small bites provided.

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All wines available for purchase.